Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Weeks featured store is : Antepara Illustrations

Antepara Illustrations

Janet Antepara:

Joined: 2/15/2012
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Store Description:
All the artwork featured is created by me and inspired by memories, everyday occurrences, color harmony and a strong desire to make things pretty.

Inspired By :

As an artist, I try to find beauty in everything from the distant purple mountains that sit elegantly on the horizon to the chunky little squirrel that sits defiantly on my balcony ledge eating my flowers. I hope you enjoy what you see and please feel free to contact me if you have any special requests.

Featured Products :

Rainbow Patch II Pillow

Rainbow Patch II Pillow: This design was inspired by a freelance gig I was working on involving rainbows. It’s pretty hard to resist using all the colors of the rainbow when given the chance so I created Rainbow Patch.

Wired Flower Throw Pillow

Wired Flower Pillow: The original drawing for this design was created one day when I was really bored. I just picked up my sketch book and started to doodle. When the design was done, I scanned it, added color and created a greeting card from it. This eventually also propelled me into applying my artwork to products I could sell online.

Dockweiler Beach Sleeves For Ipads

Dockweiler Beach - This is part of a series of abstracts representing local Southern Californian beaches. Also see: Playa Del Rey & Paradise Cove

The Gates Of Nereids Pattern Iphone 4 Covers

Also see: The Gates Of Nereids

Silent Era | Robin Blue Case For The Iphone 3

Also see: Silent Era

My Picks:

Once Upon a Time Dry Erase Whiteboards

Beach Stripes 3 Ring Binder

Tree Swing (Add your own text) 3 Ring Binders

Belle Époque Tie

Belle Époque Tie
Belle Époque Tie by Antepara
Create your own neck ties with

Beach Fence Throw Pillows

Want to know more about the artist behind these great designs?

Visit Interview with Janet Antepara of Antepara Illustrations

Visit Janet's store to see all of her great designs :

Antepara Illustrations

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