Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Weeks featured store is : YANKA Designs By Yana Tselinsky

YANKA Designs

Yana Tselinsky :

Joined: 4/9/2011
Location: Israel

About Me:
Hi! I'm professional jeweler - or professional crafts...woman, 'cause my creative interests lie everywhere.

My Interests : Jewellery (silversmithing), drawing, hand embroidery, cooking, knitting, crochet, sewing, beadwork, wirework, knotting...

Hobbies: Art, literature, music, animals, mythology, history, warcraft (tactics and strategy), weapons, martial arts, philosophy, native crafts, anything ethnic, etc...

Featured Products :

Cats Tough Iphone 3 Case

One of my drawings.

Ancient bronze chinese dragon premium trinket boxes

Beautiful chinese artifact - it was a pleasure to make it (digitally) shine again.

Rusted metal drills throw pillows

I just love it - and I think it's a test: only very special people would dare to decorate their home with such pillows.

Ready for winter case-mate blackberry case

Original - by YANKAdesigns!

Alien tree tough iphone 3 covers

Original - by YANKAdesigns!

My Picks:

Bullet hole shot mafia boss mug

Original - by YANKAdesigns!

Delicate autumn flowers throw pillow

Pattern by Shigeki Nakamura adapted by YANKAdesigns!

Kanji Loyalty 忠誠 Pendants

Original - by YANKAdesigns!

Japanese crane party plate

Pattern by Shigeki Nakamura adapted by YANKAdesigns!

Bling sparkling numbers on brown fractal round wall clock

Original - by YANKAdesigns!

Want to know more about the artist behind these great designs?

Visit Interview with Yana Tselinsky of YANKA Designs

Visit Yana's store to see all of her great designs :

YANKA Designs

Yana's other Shop's on Zazzle


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