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This Weeks featured store is : Organ Gifts By Jenny Setchell

Organ Gifts by Jenny Setchell

Jenny Setchell :

Joined: 4/24/2009

Location: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

About Me:
Former journalist, now freelance writer and photographer and concert organist PA!

My Interests : photography, design, writing

Hobbies: writing, computers, cameras, cats, puzzles, organs, travel, music

Featured Products : 

Breda Grote Kerk pipe organ mousepad

The magnificent and famous façade of the Breda Grote Kerk pipe organ makes a colourful and impressive backdrop to a mousepad - and an ideal gift for any musician.

Organ console tie

The The Temple Church in London is well known (especially after it featured recently in the "Da Vinci Code"); but the organ console will not be familiar to most people - even organists! The console is pictured here on a tie that would be a wonderful gift for any church musician, not only organists or keyboard players. You can see the pedals at the bottom of the tie, then the manuals with the pistons in between.

Organ (Vertical) spec case

If you are an organist, or buying a gift for an organist friend, imagine what a unique and special iPhone 4 case this would make! A small section of the façade and console of the Rieger organ in the town hall, Christchurch, New Zealand.

J.S.Bach's organ works #2 Shirt

The front has the words "J.S.Bach's organ works" with a fragment of music manuscript in Bach's hand. The back of the tee shirt reads: "So does mine" . Bach's organ compositions are often loosely referred to as "Bach's organ works". Hence the pun. Essentially, it's an organist thing...

You make a Swell couple Greeting Cards

On top of an image of three organ manuals are the words: You make a Swell couple, and you're just Great together. On the inside are the words On the inside are the words: "We're Positif you were meant for each other! Congratulations and all the best for your future together". You can change the text or add more to suit the occasion. This card is designed with organists or church musicians in mind with puns on the words Great, Swell and Positif. Unique gift!

My Picks: 


St Augustin organ - Flights of Fancy Mouse Pad

The organ in St Augustin, Paris, France. This was where Gigout, the famous composer, was titulaire until his death at 82. The case has been turned light blue, leaving the pipes their natural grey, thanks to the fun of photoshop!

Old musicians never die Ringer T-shirt

A twist on an old theme: the words say "Old musicians never die - they only scale down" and the musical scale below them does just that! A cunning little pun, which is ideal for any musician who is perhaps, ahem, thumbing their nose at people who suggest they might be retiring soon!

Christchurch Pipe organ laptop sleeve

The colourful façade of the Rieger pipe organ in the town hall, Christchurch, New Zealand is a stunning image on the front of this laptop sleeve pad. Would be most appropriate gift to give an organist!

I love you card

The front shows a huge red heart superimposed on a four-manual organ console with pedals and stops; inside the text reads: "I love you! (almost as much as organs" . The text is fully customizable so you can change it to whatever you want or delete it entirely.

Pipe organ poster

Mozart called the pipe organ the king of instruments - for a very good reason - it IS! These painted pipes from an old English organ illustrate the beauty of these instruments perfectly.

Want to know more about the artist behind these great designs?

Visit Interview with Jenny Setchell of Organ Gifts 
Visit Jenny's store to see all of her fantastic designs :

Organ Gifts


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