Monday, March 19, 2012

This Weeks featured store is : Papelustro


Belinha Fernandes - Profile

I am a person of simple pleasures. I like drawing and writing and Zazzle gives me an opportunity to express myself. Check my blog A PORTUGUESE LOVE BLOG to receive updates on everything about Zazzle stores and products I like. Learn more about me and Portuguese traditions/culture/everyday events. See you there! All work presented on this store is original. Photos I use aren't mine. I got its licence in order to respect their authors rights. If you need help or have a special request, please contact A Portuguese Love - belinha1(at)

My Interests:

Hobbies: Visual arts. Pets. Wines. Urban crafts.Travel around the world.Travel in my imagination. Internet stuff. Blogging. Sustainability. Recycling. Summer days.Chocolate and coffee! .

Featured Products :

Free a story - read a book! postcard

A good book is a friend for life! Children need to read more.Lead children into the wonderful universe of literature with this cute and funny postcard.


Sofa Dog - a new breed in town! Lots of animals need our help.If you can adopt a rescued dog.Get informed and spread the word- send a card!


ADOPT A RESCUED CAT! by papelustro
Create your own custom post cards on zazzle.

Sofa Cat - a new breed in town! Lots of animals need our help.If you can adopt a rescued cat.Get informed and spread the word.A nice card might be handy!

Vegetarian is no alien! postcards

he practice of following a diet based on plant-based foods is not for everyone.But if you enjoy it then you'll like very special green card!

Stop using FUR! Post Card

Fur is so pretty and warm you say! Right! That's why animals need it! Preserve animals rights. Get informed and spread the word. Send a card or two!

Visit Belinha Fernandes pther store A Portuguese Love To see more her great designs and products.

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