Sunday, January 1, 2012

BrianaDragon Creations - "If you want something unusual, you've come to the right place."

This Weeks featured store is : BrianaDragon Creations

About BrianaDragon Creations:

BrianaDragon Creations is full of goth, geek, gamer, Pagan and humorous art by Briana Blair and Eric Peacock. Our art ranges from hand-drawn art to paintings to digital art and 3d rendered art, in a variety of styles. We have a twisted sense of humor, and we like odd things. It comes through in our work, and you end up with some really cool and unusual art. Our Shops: BrianaDragon Creations, Mandala Magic and Classic Illustration are run jointly by myself, Briana Blair, and Eric Peacock. Eric is responsible for the 3D art, including most of the vampires category, and I do the 2D art and kaleidoscopes. We work jointly on all other aspects of the shops. - Eric and I have been creating art in some form or another since we were children. We've both experimented with many arts and crafts over the years. When the two of us got together, it seemed only natural to partner up in business as well. We both have similar interests, but we also have our differences, and that keeps our art interesting and brings a lot of variety to the customer.

Here are some of my Favorite Picks :

Allergic to Stupidity T-shirt

Do you think stupidity should be painful? Does it hurt you to be around or listen to stupid people? Then this design made custom made for you! A MedAlert bracelet that says "Allergies: Idiocy, Asininity, Stupidity, Ineptitude, Brainlessness" with the caption "I'm Allergic to Stupidity" right above. More twisted humor from Briana Blair. Show people what you think of willful ignorance!

I Am SO Not Fluffy! (bunny) Tee Shirt

Be proud to be different with this un-fluffy bunny rabbit. He has spiked hair, spiked collar, piercings, tattoos, fangs and an attitude. The words over his head say it all: "I am SO Not Fluffy!". A design supporting Diversity and individuality by Briana Blair.

Life and Death Tribal Warpaint Tee Shirts

This is a neo tribal warpaint design showing the duality of things by Eric Peacock. It shows life and nature in flowing lines and colors on one half. The other half is done in bade and flame like lines with a skeletal feel to the mouth area. This design was originally made for Actual facepaint and tattooing. Add your own text and make the background color suit your tastes (white chosen to emphasize design).

Skelly Pirate T Shirts

Skelly pirate with bottle and eye patch

Death Jester Clown Skull Print

This design by Briana Blair is for those who are truly into "dark humor". Unique design features a jester in brightly colored regalia with a skeletal grin. Add your own text or change the background color to suit your own tastes.

Goth Tribal Flourish Red Heart with LOVE Shirts

Unique dark heart design by Briana Blair. Add your own text or background color!

Chrome and Steel Blade Dagger

Kaleidoscope of steel and chrome make up this bladed dagger knife design by Briana Blair.

Abstract Grunge Parrot Print

Fill any place or occasion with the feel of a beach vacation with this piece. An abstract grungy backdrop sets the stage for this hand painted parrot by Briana Blair. This Macaw parrot spreads its wings across the design displaying colorful feathers in shades of blue, green and red. Excellent design for exotic bird fans.

Visit BrianaDragon Creations To see all their awesome designs and products.

Want to know more about the artist behind these great designs? Visit Interview with Briana Blair aka BrianaDragon

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