Monday, April 9, 2012

This Weeks featured store is : Ninche Store

Nina Džeko of Ninche Store

Ninche Store

Store Description:

I don't have special theme, I do various things, depending on my mood. But mostly I do designs for paintball.

Inspired By:
Well I'm big fan of pop art and graphic novels. I'm also inspired by things I do- like paintball. Certain artists I admire influence me, of course.

Featured Products : 

Paintball Addicted Girl Shirt

New design for paintball girls; sweet, modern and sporty. Great style for other occasions not only for paintball field :D

Trigger Happy Paintball Player Sweatshirt

Urban looking casual Sweatshirt with sign "Trigger Happy Paintball Player", for modern paintball players

No Glory Shirt

No guts no glory: it's a saying that can be applied to many different situations. It's shows that you are ready to take a risk and have conquer your fears :D

Multiply Love Mousepad

There are many ways for expressing your love, so why don't do it with this Multiply Love mousepad?

Little Lady Drama Binder

Little Lady Drama Binder zazzle_binder
Little Lady Drama Binder by Ninche
Create a unique photo binder at Zazzle

"Little Lady Drama" is nice gift for energetic young girls,women and kids

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Want to know more about the artist behind these great designs? 

Visit Interview with Nina Džeko of Ninche Store


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